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Aluminum Foil Tape are ideal for sealing, grounding, shielding, and resistance applications

Foil tapes are explicitly engineered metal-foil backing adhesive tapes that are ideal for sealing, grounding, shielding, and resistance applications. They are also used to protect goods during shipping.
Aluminum Foil Tape is a special type of duct tape that is used to seal, join and fix foil faced air conditioning duct insulation and to create a vapour barrier. It is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures, humidity and atmospheric agents.
Heat and Moisture Resistant
Foil tapes combine aluminum foil with dependable adhesives to create a long-lasting product that easily adapts to uneven surfaces. Foil tapes have high resistance to moisture, vapor, and temperature variations, making them ideal for protecting packages shipped across long distances from potential damages caused by extreme heat or humidity.
This is particularly important for delicate items such as electronics, art, and jewelry. Foil tapes are also a popular choice for duct sealing and insulation. They work well to cover seams and joints in ductwork, as well as seal and insulate aluminum backed duct board and fiberglass insulation.
The dead soft, thermally conductive aluminum foil backing on our foil tapes is coated with a strong, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that works under a wide range of temperatures, including both hot and cold conditions. This is especially helpful for applications such as bonding insulating materials, as it allows the tape to be applied in harsh environments that would melt or delaminate other pressure sensitive tapes.
Chemical Resistant
Aluminum tape is used for insulation, sealing and duct work applications due to its extreme durability. It consists of an aluminum foil backing with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). It adheres to a variety of dissimilar surfaces and requires no water, heat or solvent activation. The PSAs are also aggressively tacky in dry form and remain stable and permanent with no residue.
The carrier materials found in aluminium tapes offer extreme temperature versatility for better insulation, shielding and wrapping applications. They also provide resistance to moisture and vermin in marine or high humidity environments. Foil tapes with aluminium carriers are able to withstand temperatures from freezing to blistering.
Flame Retardant
Aluminum foil tapes have a sturdy and durable construction that maintains its integrity in extreme cold and hot temperatures. They are also able to protect surfaces from harmful chemicals and harsh environments. They are typically used to cover seams, joints, and connections in ductwork and other applications. They are also useful in bundling items that are likely to be subject to vibration.
Our aluminum foil tapes have a dead soft aluminum foil backing coated with an aggressive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. These pressure-sensitive adhesives provide excellent quick stick, ultimate adhesion, and conformability on uneven and curved surfaces. They come with a easy to manage polycoated paper liner for ease of application and removal.
Easy to Apply
They’re easy to apply and provide a total vapour barrier. To get the best results, plan your project and measure how much tape you’ll need before starting to avoid crinkling or wastage. It’s also a good idea to heat the adhesive tape up before applying it, using a hairdryer or a hot air gun. This helps temper the adhesive and increase its strength.
Foil tapes are used in all sorts of industries because they’re so versatile and durable. Their moisture and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, flame resistance, light reflectance, and weatherability mean they’re a great choice for sealing seams on ducts and joints.
Foil tape is also an excellent choice for protecting and repairing pipes, stoves, and HVAC systems. It’s also useful for sealing and jointing insulation panels and creating a vapour barrier in ducts. It can even be used to repair metal gutters.

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