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PES Non-Woven Laminated Scrim is a strong and flexible material

Manufacturer of spunbond, hydroentangled, meltblown, & composite nonwoven fabrics. Serves multiple industries with worldwide distribution. Products include wipes, medical tapes, & protective apparel.
Scrims are a structural support used in various technical applications. Unlike their woven predecessors, the nonwoven processes used to create them can place yarns at angles that looms typically cannot.
PES Non-Woven Laminated Scrim is a strong and flexible material.
Nonwoven fabrics are textiles made through a process of bonding fibers together without weaving or manual construction. They are usually thinner than woven fabrics, but they can be reinforced to improve strength or stability. They can also be coated to add waterproofing or other properties.
Manufacturer of air filtration media for medical, dental, aviation, and personal protective equipment (PPE) industries. Products include N95 and ASTM3 mask media, lithium-ion battery separators, and lens wipes. The company also offers point bonding and calendering services.
It is easy to cut and sew.
Unlike woven scrims, nonwoven scrims do not have to be crimped. This means they can be cut at a variety of angles and are easy to sew. Nonwovens are also lighter and more durable than woven fabrics. They are often used to reinforce other materials in industrial applications such as paper, film, or textiles.
Spunbond fabrics such as Colback can be impregnated with various coatings, such as latex or bitumen, without affecting the product’s performance and characteristics. The Colback portfolio includes product variants that are eminently suitable for specific industrial impregnation processes thanks to their open structure, high evenness of mass, and excellent saturation properties.
In addition, Colback is an ideal base material for a wide variety of molding processes, such as the primary or secondary backing for molded automotive carpet. This is thanks to its consistent high quality and excellent molding behavior, as well as its ability to support high temperature molds. It is also ideally suited for high-speed production processes.
It is resistant to UV rays.
Non-woven scrims are a great choice for many industrial products. They offer high strength, flexibility, and fire resistance. They are also easy to work with and can be used for a variety of applications. These include reinforcing tape, air-ducts, and filter materials.
Moreover, it can be easily bonded or laminated with other materials such as foils, films, papers, and nonwovens. This technique allows the material to be resistant to UV rays, as well as provide a smooth surface for printing or embossing.
The PES nonwoven laminated scrim is made with recycled far-infrared polyester (FPET fiber), three-dimensional crimped hollow flame-retarding, and low-melting-point polyester (LPET). The LPET sheath can be melted in the process of hot pressing. This process increases the fabric’s cohesion, mechanically improves its properties, and makes it more flame-retardant. In addition, it reduces the amount of raw materials and energy required for production. It is also able to heat set the woven fabrics and provides a flexible, durable, and water-resistant coating.
It is water resistant.
Non-woven scrims can be used to improve the properties of a wide range of industrial products. They are particularly useful for reinforcing tapes. These scrims provide strength and stability to paper, film, and foil tapes. They also offer excellent translation of polymer properties into yarn form.
The prior art scrims consist of a grid of non-woven crossed threads and are impregnated with an adhesive binder at the cross points. However, these scrims have various drawbacks that make them unsuitable for some applications.